Developing public and professional engagement to promote global policy and a new research vision to improve the health of labour migrants


  • Dr Sally Hargreaves

    St George's, University of London

Project summary

There has been little research into the wide-ranging health implications of migration despite the movement of people within and across borders becoming increasingly complex. The largest migrant group – labour migrants – have been excluded from the research agenda to date, and there is little known about the health consequences for the families they leave behind.

The UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health aims to consolidate evidence and generate new insights into the interactions between migration and health. We will support its work with systematic reviews and meta-analyses on labour migrants and children they have left behind. We will seek expert insight, and hold a meeting with stakeholders to assess evidence and generate innovative solutions and evidence-based recommendations. We will also develop a public engagement strategy to share expertise in this area and define first steps towards establishing a Global Observatory on Migration and Health that will generate knowledge, translate and monitor global and regional standards.

This work will help to improve health outcomes related to migration.