Developing optimized implementation strategies to improve the efficiency of genetic control approaches against malaria vectors in Burkina Faso


  • Dr Patric Stephane Epopa Ngome

    Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé Direction Régionale de l'Ouest, Burkina Faso

Project summary

In a context of increasing insufficiency of commonly used vector control tools for eliminating malaria, Gene drive-based genetic control approaches (novel genes driven into wild mosquito populations to reduce/suppress or render them incapable of transmitting pathogens) represent a promising new strategy to control malaria. To optimize the technology, several knowledge gaps crucial for safe and effective field implementation need to be addressed. In this proposal, I aim to assess the contribution of mosquito migration and their ability to survive across dry season, in the spread and persistence of transgenes in wild mosquito populations. I will carry out a series of field releases and monitoring of long-term marked lab-reared mosquitoes to measure and characterize mosquito dispersal and survival. I will use these data to develop a reliable mathematical model to predict transgene diffusion pattern in the field. These studies will help optimizing implementation strategies of prospective malaria genetic control tools.