Deciphering the heterogeneity of early-onset type 2 diabetes using epidemiological and genetic approaches


  • Dr Shivani Misra

    Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Project summary

Background: Type 2 diabetes is typically diagnosed later in life but early-onset cases (before 40-years) are increasing, particularly in south Asian people. This is concerning as early-onset type 2 diabetes carries a higher risk of complications and early death. We don?t know what explains this higher risk or why some ethnicities are more affected.

My approach: I will study early-onset type 2 diabetes in two ways; 1) studying large databases of cases comparing features and progression of early versus later-onset type 2 diabetes and its ethnic differences using different statistical methods; 2) by recruiting a new cohort of south Asian individuals with early-onset type 2 diabetes to determine if excess genetic risk for type 2 diabetes explains the earlier presentation.

Impact: These studies will shed light on the features of early-onset type 2 diabetes and provide new insights into how we might better target prevention and treatments to improve outcomes.