The concept of 'moral injury' and its association with mental health and trauma in Iranian refugee torture survivors in the UK - a phenomenological study


  • Dr Roghieh Dehghan Zaklaki

    University College London, United Kingdom

Project summary

As the number of traumatised refugees rises, the NHS must meet their mental health needs. Torture is a common trauma found in refugees. To address the long-lasting implications of torture, this study explores moral injury, a recent concept in the trauma field, which describes the psychological and social impacts following a violation of a victim?s moral values. I will undertake in-depth interviews with torture survivors to find out what is perceived as morally injurious by them. To make the research transferrable to clinical uses and health policies, I will then discuss the interview findings in focus groups with professionals who have worked with torture survivors. The study will also have a research advisory group, consisting of refugees, torture survivors, doctors, therapists and staff from community organisations and relevant third sectors. The findings will help shape culturally sensitive practice and research in trauma.