CliZod, compiling knowledge: A participative database of modelling parameters for climate sensitive zoonotic diseases


  • Dr Masako Wada

    Massey University, New Zealand

  • Mr Masood Sujau

    Halora Tech, New Zealand

  • Prof Barry Borman

    Massey University, New Zealand

  • Deborah Read

    Massey University, New Zealand

  • Dr Emilie Vallee

    Massey University, New Zealand

Project summary

We propose the creation of a searchable, interactive and participative database for modelling parameters for climate-sensitive zoonotic diseases, which are responsible for 80% of global outbreaks.

The tool will be for multiple pathogens and relevant worldwide, at all scales from local to global. It aims at facilitating and harmonising modelling in the absence of directly relevant observational data, which usually requires the use of parameters extracted from the literature. This tool will allow faster, more reproducible models, with less bias due to the source of parameters. 

To do this we will: 

- Organise a modeling experts workshop to identify the relevant pathogens and parameters 

- Conduct a systematic review of literature and media reports to identify relevant sources 

- Use Natural Language Processing to extract information, compile and summarise the data, after validation against manual literature scanning and data extraction 

- Create a web-based interface that allows searching the database, and summarises key information about the relationship between climate and health using a One Health approach for a general audience 

- Add a collaborative feature by which authors can add their own research to the database, and automate the addition of results from common literature search engines to ensure the sustainability of the tool