Climate adaptation and sustainable rural health outcomes in Southern Africa


  • Dr Admire Nyamwanza

    Human Sciences Research Council

Project summary

We will assess the complex health impacts of some of the major climate adaptation actions in rural Southern Africa, using case studies of Zimbabwean communities in the mid-Zambezi Valley area, along the borders with Zambia and Mozambique. The focus will be nutritional and psychosocial health impacts of two of the main adaptation actions in this area.

The project will build on a previous longitudinal study from 2010–16 on livelihoods and climate change adaptation in the area. We will use a mixed evaluation approach using qualitative and quantitative data. A theory of change, setting out the links between processes, activities, outcomes and context, and the changes that occur in the short, medium and long term, will anchor the impact evaluation. 

The project ultimately aims to generate an evidence-based framework for tracking and assessing the health impacts of climate adaptation actions in marginal rural Southern African communities, and better understand how adaptation interventions can best protect health and improve community resilience.