Grants awarded

Chemokine receptor regulation of monocyte/macrophage dynamics in the inflammatory response


Prof Gerard Graham

University of Glasgow

United Kingdom

Uncontrolled inflammation gives rise to conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and cancer. These conditions could be controlled by therapeutically suppressing inflammation. During inflammation, white blood cells are recruited to tissues in response to locally produced molecules called chemokines. The chemokines act as beacons that attract the white blood cells which carry detectors for chemokines. There has been much interest in trying to therapeutically interfere with chemokines and their detectors, to prevent or treat inflammatory disease. This, so far, has not been successful and we believe this is at least in part a consequence of the complexity of the process. 

We will use novel approaches to analyse the way that chemokines and their detectors work. 

We hope that our studies will lead to insights into inflammatory disease and new therapeutic options.