Cellular dynamics and regulatory networks controlling endometrial remodelling during the window of implantation


  • Prof Jan Brosens

    University of Warwick

Project summary

Miscarriage can be a devastating experience. Chromosomal errors in the embryo often account for occasional miscarriage but persistent defects in the lining of the endometrium lead to recurrent pregnancy loss. The endometrium is a dynamic tissue and changes every day and this makes it difficult to identify the pathways that cause recurrent pregnancy loss. Consequently, there are no effective interventions. 

Single-nucleus sequencing is a new technology that measures gene activation in thousands of cells in a single assay. We will use this technology to map normal and abnormal changes in gene expression in every endometrial cell type across the implantation window before a successful or failed pregnancy. 

Modelling specific defects in 3D endometrial cultures will help us pinpoint the cause of recurrent pregnancy loss and identify new treatment targets.