Cataloguing the Freud Museum Archives Phase II


  • Freud Museum London

Project summary

The Freud Museum archive comprises an important collection of material relating to the history and development of psychoanalysis. The archives include original correspondence and manuscripts of Sigmund Freud, documents of Dorothy Burlingham (Anna Freud’s lifelong colleague and companion), papers from the early days of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society and British Psycho-Analytical Society, additional documents that complement the collections of the Anna Freud and Sándor Ferenczi papers, and documents and photographs relating to other members of the Freud family and staff. About half of the collection has been catalogued to archival standards thanks in part to previous funding from Wellcome and Arts Council England.

We will catalogue the remaining uncatalogued archive at the Freud Museum to best practice standards. This will result in a complete archive catalogue. We will repackage archive collections in appropriate materials and complete urgent conservation work. We will make the archive catalogue available online on the Freud Museum website and via the Archives Hub. We will update plans and policies for archive documentation standards, care and conservation.