Care, the great human tradition: a multidisciplinary collaborative exploration of family care across time and culture


  • Dr Catriona McKenzie

    University of Exeter

Project summary

People who provide care to members of their family save the government millions of pounds but their contribution to health and social care in the UK often goes unnoticed. The long hours and arduous work also cause many carers serious physical and mental health problems. In earlier times, however, carers were valued members of the community, and in other cultures, care is still a respected role. Contemporary British carers have told us that learning about the history and cultural context of care would help them see their role as part of a great human tradition and could reduce feelings of isolation and improve wellbeing. 

In this project, archaeologists, anthropologists and historians will work with health researchers, carers and community organisations to establish a collaborative network for research on care and develop plans for a large research project aimed at supporting contemporary carers.