Body Language: movement, dance and physical education in Scotland, 1890-1990


  • Rachel Hosker

    University of Edinburgh

Project summary

We will create a three-month free exhibition, 'Body Language' at the Edinburgh University Main Library Exhibition Gallery, July to October 2019. Weekly curator tours will be given to the public, students and school groups. Visitors will engage with historic collections which they may not normally get the chance to see, and they will be encouraged to participate in diverse events and to think about their own health and wellbeing.

There will be a diverse programme of free public engagement activities around the exhibition, including: movement and dance and art/textile workshops for the public and specific groups, including families and people living with dementia and their carers; screenings of films and live performances inspired by the collections; and a series of public talks which encourage debate and discussion about topics raised by the exhibition.

This exhibition will create a successful legacy beyond the lifetime of the project, including the engagement of new audiences and ongoing and productive partnerships forged with cultural and community organisations.