BaMBoo: building a meaningful biomarker of myelin


  • Dr Matteo Mancini

    University of Sussex

Project summary

The brain can be imagined as a web of interconnected elements. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers a harmless way to take snapshots of living human brains, where it is possible to appreciate the difference between grey matter regions, where specific functions are carried out, and white matter bundles, which constitute an effective transport system to integrate those functions. Myelin is an important element of this highway system which allows faster transport but is not clearly understood.

I will define a meaningful measure of myelin, first using the comparison between MRI and microscopy and then using a non-invasive stimulation technique to improve brain function predictions. I will use it to characterise multiple sclerosis, the most common disease where myelin is affected.

My findings will give an insight into the role of myelin in people with multiple sclerosis.