ARK – film research and development


  • Neon Films

Project summary

We will create a detailed 15-page fully-referenced treatment, in consultation with leading scientists, for a screenplay called ARK about assisted human reproduction and antibiotic resistance. 

The play will tell the story of people on Earth as they grapple with an unstoppable antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a ‘generation ship’ of scientists is launched to travel to the planet Alpha Centauri to harvest a newly discovered antibiotic there. As the donor-conceived children who are born on the ship come of age, they begin to question their identities, the ship's purpose – and to confront what it truly means to be human. 

The film is intended for international, mainstream, cinematic and digital release. It will delve into the practical and conceptual issues of antibiotic resistance, genetic history and changing notions of the ‘family unit’ while exploring themes of identity, indigenousness and truth – and asks: what makes us human and where do we belong?