The African coaLition for Epidemic Research, Response and Training, Clinical Characterisation Protocol (ALERRT CCP)


  • Dr John Amuasi

    Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine

  • Dr Amadou Sall

    Institut Pasteur de Dakar

  • Dr Anani Badje


  • Dr Fabien Taieb

    Institut Pasteur de Dakar

  • Dr Kenneth Baillie

    University of Edinburgh

  • Dr Mathias Altmann

    University of Bordeaux

  • Dr Oumou Maiga-Ascofare

    Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine

  • Dr Tajudeen Raji

    Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Prof Peter Horby

    University of Oxford

  • Prof Souleymane Mboup

    Institute for Health Research, Epidemiological Surveillance and Training

Project summary

As part of the response to the emergence of COVID-19, the World Health Organization Africa Regional Office (WHO/AFRO) is organising various infection, prevention and control (IPC) and critical care training activities targeted at low- and middle-income countries in Africa. 

While the initiatives taken by the WHO/AFRO are critical, training for research into the disease also needs to be targeted at the same low- and-middle income countries. It’s an emerging infectious disease and we need to learn as we go. 

Clinical research on COVID-19 needs to be closely integrated with the IPC, clinical care and epidemiological training activities, including use of the WHO First Few X cases (FFX) and contact investigation protocol for COVID-19. We propose to work closely with the WHO/AFRO, Africa CDC and existing networks and structures across Africa and globally to provide this clinical research training and support. 

ALERRT is a member of the Global Health Network – ISARIC, which has developed a clinical characterisation protocol for COVID-19. This protocol has been endorsed by the WHO and is currently being used in China and across Europe. The ALERRT network is already established and conducting activities in sub-Sahara Africa, so it has the capacity to effectively implement the proposed project.