Adaptation and optimisation of the WHO Problem Management Plus (PM+) for ALHIV in adverse settings of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


  • Dr Nothando Ngwenya

    Africa Health Research Institute, South Africa

Project summary

We know from research evidence that upto 50% of adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV) have mental and behavioural challenges which are associated with poor HIV outcomes. Supporting these young people to build resilience and navigate their life-long illness is imperative. I will use participatory approaches working with ALHIV and community members to co-adapt a low intensity psychological intervention (WHO Problem Management Plus (PM+ Adherence)) to be delivered by lay counsellors. The WHO (PM+) has been shown to be effective in other adverse settings. I will develop and add a behavioural component to the intervention to address treatment adherence (thus PM + Adherence) with a specific focus on identifying protective resilience factors. I will investigate appropriate delivery platforms/processes for sustainable implementation. This work will provide preliminary data on the development of trauma-informed resilience building interventions designed to improve mental health, adherence and promote the wellbeing of young people.