Applying for an No-Derivatives (ND) Licence exception

By default, Wellcome’s Open Access (OA) policy requires research articles which arise from its funding to be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution licence (CCBY). We believe this is the best way of maximising the impact of the research we fund, as it allows other to build upon and re-use this research, subject to the academic norms of attribution.

We recognise however, that some researchers would prefer that their research cannot be used to create derivative works - such as a translation, or inclusion in an anthology of related works - without their explicit permission.

To accommodate this we allow our funded researchers to apply for a No Derivatives exception. When this exception is approved, the work can be made available under the CC-BY-ND licence.

To apply for an ND exception, please complete the form below. This request must be made in advance of publication.

We will endeavour to respond to all such requests within 5 working days of their receipt.

If any of the funders are part of cOAlition S you agree to us passing this information to the funder stated to support their compliance monitoring.

Wellcome collects your personal information (name, email address and grant number(s)) via this form solely for the purposes of considering this request and annotating your grant record when a No-Derivatives Licence has been granted. We may notify repositories such as Europe PMC that such a No-Derivatives Licence can be applied to any manuscripts you submit via the Europe PMC submission system.

This information is collected and processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

For further information on how your information is processed, please see our Privacy Notice (opens in new tab).

If you have any questions, please contact (opens in new tab)