Molecular Mechanisms Discovery Advisory Group

This advisory group shortlists candidates for Wellcome Career Development Awards and Wellcome Discovery Awards.

Its remit covers applications that aim to deliver a mechanistic understanding of biological processes or machines at an atomic or molecular level.

Examples include:

  • structure or function studies of biological macromolecules
  • application of physical and chemical approaches to the understanding of biological processes or machines at the atomic or molecular level
  • regulation of gene expression and protein function
  • genome organisation, integrity and stability.


Members are listed below. Additional experts will join the panel as necessary.

Dr Anne Straube (Chair)

University of Warwick

Dr Ivan Ahel

University of Oxford

Dr Chun-wa Chung


Professor Victoria Cowling

University of Dundee

Professor Sherif El-Khamisy

University of Sheffield

Dr Agnieszka Gambus

University of Birmingham

Professor Syma Khalid

University of Oxford

Dr Sara Macias

University of Edinburgh

Professor Ana Pombo

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany

Dr Adrian Saurin

University of Dundee

Dr James Turner

The Francis Crick Institute

Professor Paola Vagnarelli

Brunel University London

Professor Anastassia Vorobieva

Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie

Dr Steven West

University of Exeter

Professor Xiaodong Zhang

Imperial College London


Dominic Jones

Funding Manager

Wellcome Trust