Molecular, Cellular and Physiological Sciences Early-Career Advisory Group

This advisory group shortlists candidates for Wellcome Early-Career Awards.

This includes remits from four of our discovery advisory groups:


Members are listed below. Additional experts will join the panel as necessary.

Professor John Schwabe (Chair)

University of Leicester

Professor Ruth Baker

University of Oxford

Dr Julia Cordero

Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

Professor Ulrike Eggert

King's College London

Dr Paul Elliott

University of Oxford

Dr Rachel Freathy

University of Exeter

Professor David Hodson

University of Birmingham

Professor Gerald McCann

University of Leicester

Professor Nicola Mulder

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Professor Miratul Muqit

University of Dundee

Professor Shankar Srinivas

University of Oxford

Professor Rachel Tribe

King's College London

Professor George Vassiliou

Wellcome / MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Professor Graham Williams

Imperial College London

Professor Nikolay Zenkin

Newcastle University

Dr Jeremy Carlton

The Francis Crick Institute

Dr Sophie Polo

Inserm, France

Dr Claudia de Almeida

Babraham Institute


Sarah Kohe

Funding Manager

Wellcome Trust