Medical Humanities Early-Career Advisory Group

This advisory group shortlists candidates for Wellcome Early-Career Awards.

Its remit covers applications that aim to transform understanding of health and healthcare through innovative approaches in the humanities.

Examples include:

  • health-related humanities including bioarcheology, classics, cultural studies, history, literature and philosophy
  • significant advances in the medical humanities
  • innovative concepts or methods in the medical humanities.


Members are listed below. Additional experts will join the panel as necessary.

Professor Jo Fox (Chair)

School of Advanced Study

Dr Andrew Flack

University of Bristol

Dr Eva Giraud

University of Sheffield

Dr Sam Goodman

Bournemouth University

Dr Alice Hall

University of York

Dr Jack Hartnell

University of East Anglia

Dr Chisomo Kalinga

University of Edinburgh

Dr Chris Millard

University of Sheffield

Dr Hannah Murphy

King's College London

Ms Arike Oke

Black Cultural Archives

Dr Danielle Petherbridge

University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Shital Pravinchandra

Queen Mary University of London

Dr Sadiah Qureshi

University of Birmingham

Dr Ellen Stewart

University of Strathclyde

Dr Noemi Tousignant

University College London


Sophie Hutchison

Team Manager, Funding Management

Wellcome Trust