Immune System in Health and Disease Discovery Advisory Group

This advisory group shortlists candidates for Wellcome Career Development Awards and Wellcome Discovery Awards.

Its remit covers applications that aim to improve our understanding of the function of the human immune system in homeostasis and development, and in protecting against or promoting disease. 

Examples include:

  • molecular and cellular immunology, including tissue and barrier immunology
  • systems immunology
  • immune regulation and dysregulation, inflammation, allergy and autoimmunity
  • immune response to infection and commensals
  • immunity and disease susceptibility or resistance
  • understanding immunological mechanisms, which may include the study of vaccine candidates, adjuvants, immunotherapies or immunomodulators 


Members are listed below. Additional experts will join the panel as necessary.

Professor Mahdad Noursadeghi (Chair)

University College London

Dr David Bending

University of Birmingham

Professor Menna Clatworthy

University of Cambridge

Dr John Grainger

University of Manchester

Dr Edith Hessell

Relation Therapeutics

Professor Beate Kampmann

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Dr Megan MacLeod

University of Glasgow

Professor Rachel McLoughlin

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Laura Rivino

University of Bristol

Dr Robert Snelgrove

Imperial College London

Dr Mahima Swamy

University of Dundee

Professor Maria Yazdanbakhsh

Leiden University, Netherlands


Sheilagh Molloy

Team Manager, Funding Management

Wellcome Trust