Early-career researcher

During this stage in your research career, you’ll consolidate research skills gained through initial training, and be guided by more experienced researchers.

Your career stage and experience 

As an early-career researcher, you will have recently completed a PhD or an equivalent higher research degree, or have equivalent research training.

You may be managing your own research project under the direction of a principal investigator, and will be beginning to develop your own research ideas and directions.

You should not need close supervision to complete your proposed research, although you may need training in new techniques and experimental approaches.

Always check the funding scheme or call details for specific eligibility requirements.

Early-career funding opportunities 

If you are an early-career researcher, working in any discipline, you can apply for these funding opportunities providing you meet the individual scheme or call’s eligibility criteria. If you are applying for an Early-Career Award or as part of a team for a Discovery Award the proposed research must align with our strategy.

An early-career researcher can hold one Wellcome award as a lead applicant and be a coapplicant on one other Wellcome award. Read more about how many grants you can hold at the same time.

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