Confidentiality of the application review process

How and why we keep the application review process confidential.

Expert review 

We ask experts to provide written expert review to help us decide which activities to fund.

To get the best quality expert review, these reviews remain confidential. This allows reviewers to comment freely in the knowledge that we’ll only show their comments to others directly involved in the decisions process. With the reviewer's permission, we do usually share unattributed comments with applicants. This is particularly useful for applicants who haven't been successful. It helps them to understand:

  • why their application wasn't supported
  • how they can improve any future applications.

Committee review 

The discussions, recommendations and paperwork related to all committee meetings are confidential. Wellcome staff contact applicants about the outcome of their application and give them feedback.

Applicants should not contact committee members about their application. We expect committee members to forward any requests for information directly to Wellcome staff.

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