Accepting a grant

How and when to accept a grant.

You must accept a grant on the Wellcome Funding platform before we can activate it. We won't pay any expenses until you accept the grant.

When to accept a grant 

You can accept a grant:

  • when you know when the grant will start
  • up to 12 months from the date of the award letter.

Information we ask you to provide 

When you accept a grant, you must:

  • check the grant details we have are correct
  • tell us the grant start date
  • confirm you agree to the terms and conditions set out in the award letter.

You can also provide your own organisation reference number.

How grant start dates work 

The proposed start date and award duration are set out in your award letter.

As outlined in Wellcome's grant conditions, you must start your grant within 12 months of the date your award letter was issued.  

Your grant start date: 

  • should be the same as the date when you expect to incur costs on the grant (this includes if someone has joined the research team but hasn't been paid yet)
  • can be changed after we’ve received your grant acceptance
  • should be given to Wellcome before your first expenses claim
  • determines the grant end date - this won't change unless you ask us to postpone or extend it.

You can’t claim for any costs you incurred before the start date you provided when you accepted the grant (unless you changed your start date after you accepted the grant).

Who can accept a grant 

If your grant is going to be administered by an organisation, they will accept your grant for you.

If your grant won't be administered by an organisation, or your organisation doesn't have an approver – someone who can submit accept Wellcome grants, for example, research office staff – you will need to accept the grant yourself through your organisation account.

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