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The world is decades behind on mental health. By 2030, the £200 million mental health programme is determined to transform how we understand, fund, prevent and treat anxiety and depression in young people. Our vision is of a world in which no one is held back by mental health problems. 

This commitment is in addition to our existing funding for wide-ranging mental health research, which investigates many other conditions across all ages.

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Team contacts

Professor Miranda Wolpert MBE

Head of the Mental Health Programme

Sophia Austin

Programme Manager

Cristina Doherty

Graduate Trainee

Charlie Gorham

Programme Officer

Dr Kate Martin

Lived Experience and Public Engagement Lead

Charlotte Payne

PA to Professor Wolpert

Dr Cat Sebastian

Evidence Lead

Beck Smith

Policy and Advocacy Lead

Katie Taylor

Databank Lead and Wellcome Head of Experience Design

The board meets regularly to provide global expert advice on the mental health programme strategy.

Pim Cuijpers

Professor of Clinical Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

I applied for the strategic advisory board because the field urgently needs innovative strategies in research and practice, and I firmly believe that Wellcome's mental health programme offers a unique opportunity to realise that. It will be an honour to contribute.

Obi Felten

Head Of Getting Moonshots Ready For Contact With The Real World, Google X, USA

Problems of the scale of youth mental health can only be solved by scientists, clinicians, funders, technologists, policy makers and those with lived experience working together. I am excited by Wellcome's ambitious goals and look forward to working with a diverse group of colleagues to make a real impact on youth mental health.

Grace Gatera

Youth leader and Mental Health Advocate, Rwanda

I applied to join the board because of the incredible work they have been doing, as they are just as or even more passionate about young people and the future as I am. I am excited to see what can be done togetherness!

Thomas Mrsic-Flogal

Professor of Neuroscience and Director, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UK

I am excited to work with the board to seek creative and paradigm-shifting ways to develop mental health strategies, in part by establishing new forms of research culture and collaboration to tackle these global challenges.

Carmine Pariante

Professor of Biological Psychiatry, Kings College London, UK

My research and clinical interests are multidisciplinary, ranging from brain biology to psychological and social mechanisms. I wanted to bring my breadth of expertise to this effort to understand and tackle youth mental health problems.

Uma Vaidyanathan

Research and Innovation Manager, National Institute of Mental Health, USA

I am particularly excited by the ambitious and bold steps the Wellcome Trust is taking to address the search for effective ways to address anxiety and depression in young people on a global scale. I look forward to collaborating with the rest of the board members and providing input on this much needed and timely effort.

Paul Wicks

Independent Digital Health Consultant, UK

While medical research and technology has made great strides in cancer, rare diseases and many chronic illnesses, mental health is often left behind. I hope to use the experience I've gained at the intersection of digital health, patient advocacy, and business strategy, to help level the playing field.

Experts providing advice on our work as and when required. 

Chantelle Booysen

Global Mental Health Advocate and Social Impact Entrepreneur, South Africa

Philip Campbell

Editor-in-Chief, Springer Nature, UK

Sarah Carr

Senior Fellow in Mental Health Policy, University of Birmingham, UK

Jessica Clark

User Voice and Participation Manager, Surrey County Council, UK

Anne Cooke

Principle Lecturer and Joint Clinical Director, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Claire Gillian

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Oliver Harrison

CEO, Alpha Health, UK

Akiko Hart

CEO, National Survivor User Network, UK

Gregor Henderson

Director of Mental Health, Public Health England and Independent Adviser, UK

Danielle Kemmer

Vice President of Strategy and Initiatives, Graham Boeckh Foundation and Executive Director, International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders, Canada

Marcus Munafò

Professor of Biological Psychology, University of Bristol, UK

Ethel Nakimuli-Mpungu

Senior Lecturer and Psychiatric Epidemiologist, Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Uganda

Robyn Osrow

Psychiatrist, USA

Jane Powell

Founder and ex-CEO of Campaign Against Living Miserably, UK

Benny Prawira

Founder and Advisor, Into The Light, Indonesia

Emma Robinson

Professor of Psychopharmacology, University of Bristol, UK

Jane Roskams

Neuroscientist, University of British Columbia and University of Washington, USA

Harry Rutter

Professor of Global Public Health, University of Bath, UK

Karthik Subbaraman

Independent Expert/Volunteer, India

Shuranjeet Takhar

Founder and Director, Taraki, UK

John Torous

Director of the Division of Digital Psychiatry, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, USA


Report 14 September 2020 Updated 14 September 2020

Collective resilience: how we’ve protected our health during Covid-19

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This report examines how people have coped and found meaning and connection during the pandemic.

Report 14 September 2020 Updated 14 September 2020

Expanding our vision for mental health: listening to young people and learning from Covid-19

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A commitment by Wellcome, UNICEF, the WHO, and the World Economic Forum to embed three principles across our mental health work: lived experience, local innovation, and larger than healthcare.

Report 14 September 2020 Updated 16 September 2020

Covid Living

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This project captures how young people have managed their mental health during and after lockdown.

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