Mental health

Read the latest news and reports about our work related to understanding the brain and mind, and conditions such as dementia, depression and schizophrenia. Our science funding in this area is led by our Neuroscience and Mental Health team.

Our work

Understanding health and disease

We support researchers across the world to explore fundamental questions about health and disease.

Understanding learning: education and neuroscience

We can use knowledge about how people learn to develop and test evidence-informed teaching practices that help young people achieve more at school.


Report 14 September 2020 Updated 14 September 2020

Collective resilience: how we’ve protected our health during Covid-19

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This report examines how people have coped and found meaning and connection during the pandemic.

Report 14 September 2020 Updated 16 September 2020

Covid Living

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This project captures how young people have managed their mental health during and after lockdown.

Report 14 September 2020 Updated 14 September 2020

Expanding our vision for mental health: listening to young people and learning from Covid-19

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A commitment by Wellcome, UNICEF, the WHO, and the World Economic Forum to embed three principles across our mental health work: lived experience, local innovation, and larger than healthcare.

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