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Equitable access to vaccines, diagnostics and treatments for coronavirus (COVID-19)

All R&D funders, developers and manufacturers must help ensure that new vaccines, diagnostics and treatments developed for COVID-19 are globally available, appropriate and affordable, regardless of where they have been developed or who has funded them.

Urgent funding gaps in the global response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

At least $8 billion of new funding is needed for the global response to COVID-19 – for research, development and supply of treatments for all, and support for public health measures in countries with the weakest health systems.

Data sharing in public health emergencies

Research is an essential part of being ready for and responding to public health emergencies, like COVID-19 and Ebola.

Wellcome’s partnership with the World Health Organization

Wellcome is working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to take on big challenges in global health.

Understanding health and disease

We support researchers across the world to explore fundamental questions about health and disease.

Longitudinal population studies

Over the past ten years, we’ve invested more than £120 million in longitudinal population studies in the UK and low- and middle-income countries.


Report 20 May 2020 Updated 3 July 2020

What people think about global access to COVID-19 treatments and vaccines

[Summary] Our polling of more than 6,000 adults in the UK, the USA, Germany and France shows strong public support for making sure that any new coronavirus treatments and vaccines are first made available to those who need them most.

Report 14 October 2019 Updated 14 July 2020

Reframing Resistance

[Summary] This report aims to help experts and practitioners to communicate with impact, so that the public understands and supports action on drug-resistant infections.

Report 19 September 2019 Updated 4 December 2019

Advancing epidemics R&D to keep up with a changing world

DownloadPDF 854KB

This paper examines the status, progress and challenges in research and development for epidemics. It was developed to feed into the first annual report of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.

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Briefings and responses

Consultation response 1 November 2019 Updated 4 December 2019

Response to the Open Consultation on the Terms of Reference of the Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance

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Consultation response 1 September 2019 Updated 4 December 2019

Response to the Open Consultation on Proposals Received for the 2020 Comprehensive Review of the Global Indicator Framework

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Consultation response 1 September 2018 Updated 4 December 2019

Antimicrobial resistance inquiry

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