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    Report 1 April 2012 Updated 4 May 2016

    Assessing public attitudes to health related findings in research

    DownloadPDF 3.3MB

    During research involving human participants, researchers may discover something with significance to the participant's health; for example, an undiagnosed disease or risk of illness. This report explores public attitudes to this issue.

    Report 1 June 2011 Updated 4 May 2016

    Community engagement: under the microscope

    DownloadPDF 878KB

    Discussions from the third in a series of workshops organised by Wellcome to examine public engagement with health research.

    Report 1 January 2011 Updated 11 May 2016

    Evaluation of the Darwin Education Initiative

    DownloadPDF 830KB

    The findings from the evaluation of the Darwin Education Initiative (Darwin200).

    Report 1 December 2009 Updated 4 May 2016

    Telling stories: how the public can engage with science

    DownloadPDF 251KB

    This report highlights the findings of our second annual international engagement workshop which took place in Bangalore. Discussions focused on how to engage the public in science.

    Report 1 October 2009 Updated 4 May 2016

    Insight and exchange: an evaluation of the Wellcome Trust's Sciart programme

    DownloadPDF 2.6MB

    Following the closure of our Sciart programme in 2006, we commissioned an independent evaluation to document its legacy and long-term impact.

    Report 1 September 2009 Updated 6 May 2016

    Wellcome Trust Monitor: Wave 1

    DownloadPDF 2.2MB

    Our Monitor survey explores the public's thoughts on medical research, science and health. Every three years we survey hundreds of adults and young people across the UK.

    Report 1 June 2007 Updated 4 May 2016

    Public attitudes to research governance: a qualitative study in a deliberative context

    DownloadPDF 2.8MB

    This report presents findings from an in-depth research study that aimed to explore the role governance plays in shaping attitudes to biomedical research.

    Report 1 April 2006 Updated 4 May 2016

    Science for all: is public engagement engaging the public?

    DownloadPDF 194KB

    This conference explored whether public engagement activities are successfully engaging all sectors of society.

    Report 1 August 2005 Updated 4 December 2019

    Information and attitudes: consulting the public about biomedical science

    DownloadPDF 424KB

    A report discussing methods of deliberation, consultation and public engagement about biomedical science, based on a survey of attitudes to gene therapy.

    Report 1 August 2005 Updated 4 December 2019

    What do people think about gene therapy?

    DownloadPDF 685KB

    We commissioned the National Centre for Social Research to find out what people in the UK thought about gene therapy and how their attitudes were formed.

    Report 1 October 2000 Updated 4 May 2016

    Science and the public: a review of science communication and public attitudes to science in Britain

    DownloadPDF 1.5MB

    This report maps the provision of science communication with research by exploring public attitudes to science, engineering and technology.

    Report 1 March 2000 Updated 4 May 2016

    The role of scientists in public debate

    DownloadPDF 171KB

    Commissioned by Wellcome, Ipsos MORI undertook a survey to find out whether scientists consider themselves to be the people most responsible for, and best equipped to, communicate their scientific research and its implications to the public.

    Report Updated 4 May 2016

    Public perspectives on human cloning

    DownloadPDF 923KB

    The results of a public consultation exercise, commissioned by Wellcome, on human cloning and the use of cloning technology in medical research.

    Report Updated 4 December 2019

    Beyond the bubble: the online conversation on research and development

    DownloadPDF 617KB