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Grant conditions

These set out the terms and conditions on which we award grants.

Open access policy

What the policy applies to, how to comply, preprints, costs we'll provide and sanctions.

Charity Open Access Fund

The Charity Open Access Fund is a partnership between six health research charities, including Wellcome, to enable free and unrestricted access to the published outputs of the research we support.

How to complete an outputs management plan

An overview of things to consider as you develop your outputs management plan.

Logo usage

If you have current Wellcome funding, you can use our logo on websites, presentations, paperwork and promotional materials.

Data, software and materials management and sharing policy

How researchers should manage and share data, software and materials that arise from Wellcome-funded research and outputs management plans.

Policy on intellectual property

What it applies to, what we expect from the researchers and organisations we fund.

Policy on consent and revenue and equity sharing

What researchers and organisations must do if they want to commercialise Wellcome-funded intellectual property, getting consent and reporting on Wellcome IP-related activities.

How to acknowledge Wellcome funding in research publications

Acknowledging Wellcome's funding in research publications.

Open access guidance

Information for authors, publishers and research organisations about our open access policy and how to comply.

End-of-grant reporting

End-of-grant reporting allows us to evaluate the impact of the research we fund.

How to report grant progress

Wellcome's online portal for our grantholders to report on their funded work.

Open access information for authors

Guidance for Wellcome-funded authors of research papers, monographs and book chapters.

Our guidance on intellectual property commercialisation agreements

Some of the key issues that we expect to see addressed in intellectual property commercialisation agreements.

Guidance for Wellcome Trust Centres and Africa and Asia Programmes

The processes you need to follow to support your researchers and track their compliance with our open access policy.

Open access information for publishers

Information and help for publishers involved in open access.

Disabled grantholders

If you are disabled or have a chronic health condition, we can offer different types of support during your grant.

Privacy and confidentiality: Wellcome grants

Wellcome is committed to safeguarding your personal information in accordance with data protection law.