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Grant conditions

These set out the terms and conditions on which we award grants.

Grant payments

Information on how grant payments are made.

Costs grantholders can claim on a grant

This information is for Wellcome-funded grantholders based in UK and Irish organisations. This is a list of the types of costs that can be claimed on a grant.

People working on a Wellcome grant

Information for grantholders and host organisations about their responsibilities towards people working on a Wellcome grant.

How to manage your grant budget

Costs you can move between budget headings and when you need to contact us.

Maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave

Find out what costs Wellcome will cover and what you need to do if you take leave during your grant.

Final payment and expenditure reports

How to complete a Final Expenditure Report to receive the final payment when your grant ends.

Sick leave

Find out what costs Wellcome will cover if you need to take sick leave during your grant.

Supplementary grant funding

When we provide supplementary funding.

How to transfer a grant

Find out what to do if you want to transfer your Wellcome grant.

Currency issues

Information about what currency you can ask for in your grant application and what happens if the exchange rate fluctuates.

Grant payments team

Who to contact if you have a grant payment query.

How to get the final 10 percent of your grant funds

Details of grant funds retained by Wellcome until a Final Expenditure Report has been submitted.

Disabled grantholders

If you are disabled or have a chronic health condition, we can offer different types of support during your grant.

Coronavirus (Covid-19): information for grant applicants and grantholders

Coronavirus (Covid-19) - information for anyone applying for, or who holds, a Wellcome grant.

Carbon offset policy for travel

What we expect from the people we fund, costs we'll pay and what researchers and organisations need to do.

How to use Grant Tracker

Guidance for anyone who uses Grant Tracker to create, review or submit a grant application, or manage an existing grant.